The Academy hopes that all students, including those who are gifted, as well as those who have challenges, will feel at home here and find stimulation and inspiration. Since movement and music are universal languages, peoples of all races, cultures and nationalities are welcome. Our faculty is justifiably proud of the successes of the talented and persevering few, but also rejoices in the progress made by each student. It is our purpose to make everyone’s time here meaningful and beneficial.

We have always had a commitment to quality in our faculty ~ not only selecting those teachers skilled and highly qualified in their own areas, but also deeply committed to the education and well-being of all of our students, no matter how young or how old, whether gifted or disabled.

Whether the goal of a student is a professional career in the arts, or simply a step towards improved health or increased appreciation, we hope we can help by providing an opportunity and an atmosphere for learning.

It is primarily toward the achievement of these goals and toward helping each student to develop his or her greatest artistic potential that the Academy faculty is dedicated.