Our Music Department has a few very select teachers that embody the best of traditional and classical methods of music education. We strongly believe that private study of music is best begun at an age when a student is either learning or has mastered reading. Learning to read notes is a similar skill to reading words – it is the fundamental process of seeing a symbol, recognizing it and then taking an action in response to the symbol. The age can vary, with some children learning at a very young age, but most by five to seven years old. We have piano teachers, a flute teacher, a guitar teacher, and a voice teacher here at the Academy of Movement and Music. Piano lessons can include instruction in theory, composition and jazz improvisation. Several of our students have over the years become music majors in college and gone on to have careers as musicians.

We also have, in our preschool program, early childhood music classes that incorporate songs, finger-plays to develop dexterity and our beautiful collection of rhythm, World and Orff instruments allow the child to experiment with different ways to make music and to work in an ensemble.

Performing is an important part of our training. Our preschool musicians perform as a group in the shows of our Upstairs ARTS program, and our students who study privately have the opportunity to play of several recitals throughout the year. We have a lovely performance space with a fine nine-foot Knabe concert grand piano and a smaller Baldwin grand piano – even our youngest beginners are able to perform on these exceptional instruments.

Our teachers are comfortable with beginners, but have the skills to work with young musicians who are hoping to major in music in college. Adult students are also very welcome here at the Academy of Movement and Music – whether as a beginner who has always wanted to learn to play an instrument, or as someone hoping to develop better skills for singing in a choir, or as a student who wants the guidance and challenge of a teacher for the study of advanced repertoire.