Snacks and Birthdays


During this time of Covid precautions we are not serving snack, so make sure your child has a solid breakfast. It is important that your child has enough energy to stay focused throughout the morning

We have students at the Academy with life-threatening allergies to PEANUTS, NUTS, and all PEANUT/NUT PRODUCTS. Please be sure that before coming to school your child washes his/her hands after eating – especially if the food contained any nuts/peanuts or nut/peanut oils. Children may snack or eat breakfast on the way to school; please realize that nut allergies can be triggered by skin contact. Use wipes before exiting the car on arrival at school.

A good source for safe snacks and allergy info is

We appreciate your attention to this important matter. With your help all the children can enjoy a healthy school year. If you have any questions, please the Academy office at 708-848-2329.


Downstairs A.R.T.S. We will celebrate birthdays by recognizing the child with a special sticker, singing happy birthday during circle time and also reading the birthday child’s favorite book to the group which they are welcome to bring from home.

Upstairs A.R.T.S. Birthdays will of course be celebrated! We can create birthday banners with photos of the child (emailed to staff), sing the birthday song, light a candle, and start a new tradition; the birthday child gets to pick their favorite book to have read to the whole class. Please, no snacks or birthday favors. While parents are not able to join us in person, they may record a short video for their child, which the teacher will share with the whole class; or they can arrange with the teacher to set up a zoom session during the celebration. If families would like to donate a gift for the school in honor of their child’s birthday, this can be arranged with staff.