To be able to Perform!

Performing is a skill that is different from the serious study of dance and music that goes on in the classroom. Many dancers and musicians talk about performing as an opportunity to “express” oneself. For the smallest performer there is the challenge of having the confidence to get up in front of an audience – and it comes with the reward of applause and praise for a job well done. Tiny dancers can be a part of a performance with costumes, lights, make-up and live for a moment as part of a beloved fairy tale. Older musicians and dancers can use their skills to explore compositions and choreography of the masters – participating in an historical continuum that can inspire and prepare them to step up to take their places as a part of the history of their art.

As they grow up, many of our students eventually find other careers to pursue, but for all who have ever performed, there will always be the appreciation of the hard work that goes into stepping into the spotlight, and there will always be a love of the art. There is the life-lesson that hard work and discipline can lead to moments of feeling totally alive and full of joy.

Performing at the Academy of Movement and Music is built in to the yearly activity calendar as a part of almost every class and lesson. We are very fortunate to have a building that gives us space to create a black-box theatre that can hold up to 150 people, or a music recital hall equipped with two concert quality grand pianos. All our dancers, from age three and up are given at least one opportunity to perform in a major recital, and many perform in three or four performances a year as part of their regular dance classes at the Academy of Movement and Music. Our Preschool children enrolled in the Upstairs ARTS program participate in as many as five performances a year and our music students may elect to participate in up to six recitals a year. There are six workshops for dancers with and without disabilities that have mini-performances built into each workshop, and performances elsewhere that grow out of the work we do in this area. And we have a resident performing company, MOMENTA, that gives dancers who can make the commitment and have the skills, a chance to dance in three seasonal concert series.

So it is a full calendar and lots of performing opportunities – appropriate for dance and music since they are performing arts!